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Backyard Art @ the G-Spot

For the past two years, Colleen has curated an exhibition at her home.

See all the fun from 2006 with pictures taken by Caroline Homer here:
See more fun from the 2007 show with pictures taken by Suzie Hall here:
When you're done looking at all the fun, go to the Feedback/Contact page and request information about how you can be included in the next show.

Chromosome Damage

Colleen sings and plays the bass in this psy-dark band.

Check out their Myspace page here:


From 2000 to 2005, Colleen was in this band.

Their Myspace page is found here:

Colleen's Myspace page

Everyone has a Myspace page, and Colleen is no exception:

See her page at this URL:

Robert Rauschenberg

This famous artist is Colleen's favorite influence.

See the special exhibition at The Metropolitan Museum of Art's website here:
Then check out a web gallery exhibition at Art History Special Exhibition Gallery - Robert Rauschenberg: Combines, here:

Paul Cézanne

This artist is known as the father of Modern Art.

See a special web exhibition called WebMuseum: Cézanne, Paul at the website here:


Cézanne is considered the first of this school of painting.

Find out about the Post-Impressionists here:


Pablo Picasso and the Cubists were very influenced by Cézanne.

Learn about the Cubists here:

Pop Art

Robert Rauschenberg is among the most famous of this school of art.

See more about Pop Art here:

Art Movements

There are so many art movements to learn about.

A good starting point is this site: