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Colleen Gugan
Colleen Gugan
Since a young age, I have been inspired and awed by the creative world. I have striven throughout my life to learn new creative techniques and ideas through college courses and networking with the artist community.

I have attended High School and College art classes and am currently pursuing an Associate of Arts degree at Austin Community College.

I enjoy working with all kinds of mediums to produce artworks that create a spontanous affect to the viewer. I hope to encourage an insight into the human condition through my combinations of images.

I feel that art allows for the expression of so many emotions that very often are hard to express in our day to day world.

I am currently promoting an event each year that helps artists show their work in an environment that is interesting and relaxed, allowing the general public to view artwork where it might be passed over in other settings. This event is called Backyard Art @ the G-spot and we are excited to annouce our second year was a great success!

I also use music an an artistic expression and have played in a few bands over the last decade, my new project is called Chromosome Damage and sometime in March 2008 we will be releasing a new CD.