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Colleen Gugan is an artist, a musician, a student, and a promoter of the arts, among other things.

This website aims to showcase her artwork, her life, her artistic vision, her influences, and to expand upon these topics.

This is the Home Page of this website, from here you can jump to any other page that interests you.

You can jump to specific images of Colleen's Original Artwork by clicking on one of the thumbnail images on the margins of this page.

On the Collage/Xerox Art page we offer several images of Colleen's pieces.

The Artist page tells the story of Colleen: how she got here, what she's doing now, and what are her plans for the future.

We explore two major artistic influences on Colleen's art: Robert Rauschenberg and Paul Cézanne. On these influences pages we show a few examples of these masters' works and how they relate to Colleen's artwork.

The Site Resources page lists all the sources from the images and texts we have used on this site.

An Additional Resources page expands the topics we have covered and provides links to more information.

Finally, we provide a Feedback/Contact page to enable you to send Colleen a message with your feedback.

We hope that you will enjoy your visit here.

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